Factorising Quadratics

Factorising quadratics is one of those things that always comes up. Unfortunately it is also one of those things that students find hard 🙁

With that in mind I’ve put a load of practice questions on here that if you answer and send to me as a comment, I’ll mark and let you know if you’ve got it 🙂 or where you went wrong 🙂

Here goes…


1)  x² + 7x + 10

2) k² + 10k + 21

3) g² – 7g + 10

4) x² – 8x + 15

5) y² + 5y – 14

6) e² + 3e – 18

7) m² – 5m – 6

8) d² – 2m – 8

Simples! Well, not actually, but if you need help that’s what I’m here for. Or, if you’d prefer, here’s the mymaths link:


2 thoughts on “Factorising Quadratics

  1. (x+5)(x+2) Correct!
    (k+3)(k+7) Correct!
    (g-5)(g+2) =g²-3g-10 so problem here with negatives
    (x-5)(x+3) =x²-2x-15 so same problem here
    (y-7)(y-2) =x²-9x+14

    • Good work in todays lesson and nice one for trying it too, just think you need that extra bit of practice to iron out mistakes with the negative numbers.
      Remember – neg x neg = positive
      – pos x neg = negative
      – and you can always expand your answer to check it.

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